Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Martin Andelman, and I’m going to be here… writing an editorial column on ML-Implode for the rest of my natural life… well, for quite some time anyway…. well, I suppose we can just plan on seeing how we all feel from there. Anyway… I’m very happy to be here.

I found ML-Implode maybe a year ago when I was looking for trends and data on the housing led economic meltdown. I still remember the first time I saw the site’s front page. I thought to myself: “Well, let’s see… what do we have here… from the looks of things it’s Craig’s List meets the Drudge Report meets Wikipedia?

Of course, that feeling didn’t last long. About three hours after arriving at this site, and after having read enough about mortgages to realize how little I knew and last a lifetime, I bookmarked the page, hit my head against a lamp, and fell asleep for three days. (Kidding, I’m just kidding. I kid.)

I’ve been writing about business, strategy, politics, behavioral economics and human inadequacy… you know… all the stuff that people used to think of as boring until recently, for 20 years. I’ve written and consulted on strategic issues for many of the largest companies on the planet. I’ve also written songs in the key of business and a corporate bluesical. That’s just how I roll.

In terms of politics, I’m a pragmatist, but I flip-flop a little too much for my liking. In my lifetime, I’ve voted for Carter, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, and Obama. So, if you’re thinking you can pin me down as a liberal or conservative, think again. Come by and read my column a time or two… you’ll see what I mean. I’ll shred either side willingly.

Let’s see, what else should go in an introduction like this one… hmmm… oh yeah… people say I’m funny.

Ergo Bibamus.
I’m Here.
Let the Games Begin.

And there’s a WHOLE lot more than JUST


in Mandelman MATTERS.

I don’t actually do all of this by myself.  I may be the at least partially dysfunctional writing fanatic, but I’ve got a team of people that research, design, manage and generally improve stuff like you would not believe.  They also listen to first drafts, and the same article over and over again… for which they should certainly receive hazard pay.  You should know them…

Yes, she’s my wife… my little woman… my ball and cha… chalice… the Bell of my Ball and my… er…chalice, yeah… that’s what I was saying.  Okay, but seriously… my wife was a VP level executive at Olgivy & Mather on Wilshire.  She handled accounts like Microsoft and Carnation.

She’s wicked bulletproof at keeping things like trains running on time.

Michael is my right-hand man… well, I wouldn’t want to call him “my assistant,” because that would be to minimize his role… let’s just say he makes sure everyone with whom we interact comes away impressed, invigorated, and interested in a long-term relationship.

He’s a very creative guy who you may see doing more writing in time… one never knows.

Bill Kaiser has worked with me for twenty years, round numbers.  When it’s been that long, you can’t really count accurately anymore.  What does he do… he’s an improver.  He improves things.  And he’s a promoter.  A researcher.  And he’ll get George W. on the phone at 2:00 PM if you ask him to.

Oh, and he proofreads like the dickens.  And likes to surf.  That’s about all.

The rest of the Mandelman Matters team includes the freelance talent with whom we have worked closely for years, and in some cases, years and years:

Andrew Rollins – Music, Audio and Editing

George Hardman – Director of Photography, Cameraman

Terry Sihilling – Art Director, Designer

Ray Goins – Blog Design and Maintenance

That’s the group of people that make Mandelman Matters work the way it does.  We don’t accept advertising revenue, we don’t profit in any direct way from loan modifications, mortgages, appraisals, or real estate.  We know we have to have our facts right… every time.  And we know we’re likely to piss somebody off, one way or the other and from time to time.

But… we’re never boring, we don’t lie, and we don’t hesitate to admit when we’ve done something stupid, which although thankfully is something that has happened less and less as we’ve aged, is by no means inconceivable.

That’s the team…

the TEAM that MATTERS…

at Mandelman Matters.

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