BUSINESS OWNER ALERT: PR-Insider Distributing FRAUDULENT Information On-line.

A press release distribution company by the name of PR-INSIDER is knowingly distributing information the courts have ruled on as being fraudulent.  The company lists an Austria address and the contact information for the company and individuals listed as points of contact are listed below.

The Internet community and blogosphere should be aware and vigilant so that organizations that subvert U.S. laws do not prosper by doing so.  If you have further questions, feel free to contact me.

Hossam Abdel-Kader
IT Services
Brigittenauer Laende 18/22
1200 Vienna – Austria
Phone: +43 (1) 9582319


Hossam Abdel-Kader
CEO / Database Design
Sabina Abdel-Kader
Editorial Office


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