May, 2017

Mandelman On the Radio… On the Radio…

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So, It Wasn’t the Subprimers After All… What Do You Know About That?

Tweet Have you ever waited for a day to come? A special day. A day when all would begin to look right in the world once again. My first such day was April 10, 2000… the day the dot-com bubble... (Continue reading)

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The Independence Rap: Because Children ARE Our Future

Tweet Tomorrow is Independence Day.  And Independence Day is a uniquely American holiday.  It commemorates the day on which our Founding Fathers, after more than a year in the Continental Congress debating the issue of independence from the British Crown,... (Continue reading)

Mandelman Matters On the Radio… On the Radio

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BUSINESS OWNER ALERT: PR-Insider Distributing FRAUDULENT Information On-line.

Tweet A press release distribution company by the name of PR-INSIDER is knowingly distributing information the courts have ruled on as being fraudulent.  The company lists an Austria address and the contact information for the company and individuals listed as... (Continue reading)

Fear and Loathing in the U.S. of Shame -or- Give Me the Keys, I’ll Drive

Tweet I have spent the last two days on conference calls with lenders and my clients attempting to pin down how the banks and their pizza-delivery-boy new hires sleep at night knowing they can’t do simple math- or even take... (Continue reading)

Letter on Offensive Language…

Tweet Dear Reader’s Name, First of all, let me assure you that I do not think you are a “nut,” nor would I ever “ignore or cuss” a comment such as yours.  Secondly, I want you to know that I do take very seriously the... (Continue reading)

Mandelman’s Monthly Museletter Issue 6.0

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Goldman Sachs… You’re a Liar!

Tweet Goldman Sachs just released its earnings report for Q1 2009 and they looked good.  The Wall Street bank reported its earnings as being $1.8 billion for the quarter… and most everyone’s had a slight spring in their step ever... (Continue reading)

We’re Having a Deflationary Collapse

Tweet There are three videos below. All are important… very important. No one can afford to skip watching them. No one. If you’re pressed for time, watch the second one first, but be sure to come back and watch all... (Continue reading)

Massachusetts Decision Against Wells Fargo and US Bank May Apply in California

Tweet Yesterday, I wrote an article about a Massachusetts court’s decision against Wells Fargo and U.S. Bank.  In that article, I stated that the ruling only applied to those living in a judicial foreclosure state. The next day, however, I heard... (Continue reading)


Gov. Schwarzenegger Moves to Take Away Homeowner’s Right to Legal Counsel

Tweet According to an informed source inside the California Assembly’s Committee on Banking and Finance, a bill originally sponsored by Senator Ron Calderon (D-30), SB 94 has, at the request of the Governor’s office, been expanded to prohibit licensed, practicing... (Continue reading)

Tweet HO, HO, HOmeless! The Real Story Behind the Crisis We Still Don’t Want to Understand. By Martin Andelman A 46 year-old single mother lies awake at night wondering how she will make it through even one more day.  She... (Continue reading)

FTC to Make “Rules” to Apply to Firms Offering to Help With Loan Modifications

Tweet The Federal Trade Commission will be making rules that will apply to all firms that offer to help homeowners obtain loan modifications, and it appears those rules will be announced this coming June. On several occasions I’ve tried (Continue reading)

NEW! Mandelman in the Morning – Podcast

Tweet I’m sorry, but you can’t read this one! You have to listen to it! Introducing Mandelman in the Morning… Podcasts! Click to Listen… But really, for the most part, if there’s something you could code in try this forum... (Continue reading)

Max Gardner’s “What If?” of Massive Foreclosure Fraud

Tweet What if thousands of homeowners were really current in their mortgages, but the system kicked them out, because of this fraudulent testimony? What if thousands of foreclosure cases were brought by servicers that didn’t really own the mortgages that... (Continue reading)

Tweet The American middle class is being decimated as a result of this crisis, even though we had nothing to do with it.  That’s right… nothing.  It is estimated that so far, the middle class in this country has lost... (Continue reading)

San Diego Attorney Speaks Out Against SB 94 and CA State Bar’s Position on Lawyers and Loan Modification

San Diego Attorney Speaks Out Against SB 94 and CA State Bar's Position on Lawyers and Loan Modification

Tweet I think it’s fair to say that I’ve written more on the subject of lawyers and loan modifications than anyone else… I’m not bragging, in fact I wish it had never been necessary for me or anyone else to... (Continue reading)

Mass Joinder Madness

Tweet If you’re a homeowner that’s been thinking about getting involved in any of the so-called “mass joinder” lawsuits that are being filed against major banks by any number of law firms, and that appear to be offered by so... (Continue reading)

CA and NV Attorneys General Announce Alliance to Address Foreclosure Crisis

Tweet California’s Attorney General Kamala D. Harris and Nevada’s AG, Catherine Cortez Masto held a press conference late on Tuesday morning to announce a new alliance designed to better investigate and ultimately prosecute crimes related to the foreclosure crisis.  AG... (Continue reading)

Max Gardner’s Top 11 Economic Predictions for 2011

Tweet Max Gardner is without question, one of the smartest people I know.  So, when he posts his top economic predictions for 2011, it’s worth a look.  Here they are… it’s read ’em and weep, I’m afraid. At least 20... (Continue reading)

What Obama Should Have Done – Ezra Klein v. Mandelman, Part 2

Tweet Ezra Klein wrote a follow-up piece to his treatise on the Obama Administration’s decisions and its rationale for those decisions that I commented on a couple of days ago.  If you read it, you know that I found him... (Continue reading)

REMIC Dialog

Tweet So, the question is… How Many Laws Would a Big Bank Break, If A Big Bank Could Break Laws? Every single last one.  None don’t.  Here’s  that provides the verbatim deposition  of a Chase robo-signer from last June.  And there’s... (Continue reading)

IRS Looks at REMIC Trusts – Will Find Pandora’s Box

Tweet Kopp added, the national organization plans to create a more formal structure to encourage alumni participation... (Continue reading)

Arizona Homeowners Attend a Meeting on New Foreclosure Assistance

Tweet A meeting open to members of the public, hosted by the Arizona Housing Department, was intended to share information and receive feedback on how it plans to spend the $125 million in new federal funds that are to be... (Continue reading)

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the AZ House of Representatives… After passing the Senate 28-2… S.B. 1259 Completely Disappeared

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the AZ House of Representatives… After passing the Senate 28-2… S.B. 1259 Completely Disappeared

Tweet Arizona , was first elected to serve in the Arizona House of Representatives in 2002.  In 2010, she was elected to the Arizona State Senate.  She is Vice-Chairman of the Banking and Insurance Committee, and Chairman of the Committee on Economic Development... (Continue reading)

Ohio Court of Appeals: US Bank Lacks Standing to Foreclose

Tweet Okay, so I’m always hesitant to publish stories about judges throwing out foreclosure cases due to finding that the bank lacked standing Several judges have held that a complaint must be dismissed if the plaintiff cannot prove that it... (Continue reading)

Judge Follows JPMorgan Chase’s Advice and Ends Up in Foreclosure

Tweet The publishing also believes that it was the pricing factor that caused apple to move over to toshiba, sk hynix, and sandisk for its current ios devices lineup... (Continue reading)

Sunny Sheu is Dead. Long Live Sunny Sheu.

Tweet It appears that Sunny Sheu has been murdered for investigating New York foreclosure judge, Joseph Golia. Zentrales anliegen ist die durchsetzung der diesbezüglichen Webseite besuchen agenden der doha-runde der wto vom november 2001... (Continue reading)

Northern Exposure to Fraud: Stealing Homes in Alaska with One West Bank

Tweet After installation it sits in right over there your menu bar... (Continue reading)

Chris Whalen

Tweet Chris Whalen With that said, even the most experienced iphone, ipad or ipod touch user probably doesn’t know everything there is to know about ios, and as such, you might just learn something from the neat compilation view blog... (Continue reading)

Returning Home from Max Gardner’s Boot Camp for Lawyers

Tweet CONTACT US President Obama is committed to creating the most open and accessible administration in American history. To send questions, comments, concerns, or well-wishes to the President or his staff, please use the form below. Afghanistan & Iraq Civil... (Continue reading)

Washington State Class Action Targets Bank of America

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BRINGING UP THE REAR – FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz

Tweet I’m really starting to struggle with this “loan modification fraud” stuff.  I’ve never been quite comfortable with the whole thing… ever since Treasury Secretary Geithner and Attorney General Holder went on national television last April 6th, and at best... (Continue reading)

To HELL with Fannie Mae

Tweet If you’re over 12 months delinquent, they won’t modify a loan.  It’s their “policy.” Holiday Eviction Lock-out Moratorium Fannie Mae is suspending eviction lock-out actions of foreclosed single-family and 2-4 unit properties from Dec. 19, 2011 – Jan. 2,... (Continue reading)

Who are Mandelman DOERS, and What are they DOING?

Tweet I write the online column, Mandelman Matters.  I’ve been writing it for three years and on Mandelman Matters you’ll find roughly 600 articles covering the political, economic, social and legal aspects of the financial and foreclosure crises.  I specialize... (Continue reading)

The The REST Report Matters Approach to the REST Report

Tweet REST Report Matters is the San Diego firm Edit ah, it appears all of those prices are inclusive of sales tax... (Continue reading)


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