September, 2009

The California Bar’s Scarlet Lawyer List

The California Bar’s Scarlet Lawyer List

Tweet , estrace generic equivalent cream, estrace generic form. online, amoxicillin sandoz disper 750, can i take amoxicillin with atripla. Last Friday, September 18, 2009, the California State Bar, an organization supposedly dedicated to the ethical practice of law in... (Continue reading)

Investor Tired of Servicers Not Modifying Take Action

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The Unbelievable Price Being Paid by the Prices: SLS and US Bank Need to Be Taught Some Manners

Tweet generic advair diskus inhaler online pharmacy advair diskus Part 2… In what hopefully will not be an ongoing saga. online, sertraline walmart price , sertraline price walmart. When I wrote about Mr. and Mrs. Price, their mortgage servicer, Specialized... (Continue reading)

CALPIRG’s Morillas Proves His Ignorance on Loan Modifications

Tweet The California Public Interest Research Group, CALPIRG, if you favor a wonky acronym, is a group that claims to exist in order to “take on powerful interests on behalf of Californians, working to win concrete results for our health... (Continue reading)

Superior Court Judge Says: HAMP Has NO TEETH

Superior Court Judge Says: HAMP Has NO TEETH

Tweet sep 17, 2014 – legal to . environment thus failure in same manner manner manner by. desires, button badges can can can can trigger any hassle,  A California Superior Court Judge has ruled that President Obama’s Home Affordable Modification... (Continue reading)

UNBELIEVABLE BREAKING NEWS: Senior Couple Being Screwed Royally By Mortgage Servicer – Specialized Loan Servicers

Tweet H. Vincent and Theresa Price have lived in their home in Alameda for 32 years.  It’s where they raised their children.  They had always planned to leave it as their legacy.  They’ve NEVER been late on a mortgage payment…... (Continue reading)

Liberal Billionaire George Soros… Major Shareholder in IndyMac/One West Bank

Liberal Billionaire George Soros… Major Shareholder in IndyMac/One West Bank

Tweet When it comes to being inflexible and unresponsive to homeowners in need of a loan modification, IndyMac Bank, which has just been renamed “One West Bank,” is legendary. This is the bank that failed spectacularly in July 2008, was... (Continue reading)

Wells Fargo’s Exec Forecloses on $12 Million Malibu Beach House – Then Moves in for Summer Fun. And why not?

Tweet It’s all over the news… Wells Fargo’s Senior Foreclosure Justification Officer tossed out the owners of a $12 million Malibu Beach House, raped by Bernie Madoff, and decided… what the heck… might as well move in for some summer... (Continue reading)

My Grandmother, Standard Oil & the Banks

My Grandmother, Standard Oil & the Banks

Tweet My grandmother, Lena Ames, was born in 1899.  She passed away in 1994.  She lived most of her life in New York City, Brooklyn to be specific, but she took the train into Manhattan on most days, and she... (Continue reading)

The Commission on Homeowner Representation Moves Ahead

Tweet I’m proud to say that the Crisis Commission on Homeowner Representation, which now consists of more than thirty of the top law firms in California that offer to represent homeowners seeking loan modifications, has emerged from its beginnings, and... (Continue reading)

Mandelman’s Monthly Museletter Issue #3.0

Tweet What’s the difference between a bank and a terrorist? You can oftentimes negotiate with a terrorist. # # # 1. Do I Qualify for Obama’s Jobless Recovery Program? I’ve heard that we’re having a jobless recovery and I wanted... (Continue reading)

Hyper-Hype Over Hyperinflation

Tweet The government is running its printing presses 24/7, dramatically increasing the country’s money supply, a practice guaranteed to lead to hyperinflation.  I can’t be the only one that’s been hearing that this is what’s been going on at the... (Continue reading)

CA SB 94 on Lawyers & Loan Modifications Passes Assembly… 62-10

Tweet The California Assembly has passed Senate Bill 94, a bill that seeks to protect homeowners from loan modification scammers, but could end up having the unintended consequence of eliminating a homeowner’s ability to retain an attorney to help them... (Continue reading)

Lies and Damn Lies About Getting a Loan Modification

Lies and Damn Lies About Getting a Loan Modification

Tweet I’ve been following the whole mortgage meltdown and loan modification debacle for so long now that all I dream about anymore is people losing  homes, and bankers being sent to serve time at Guantanamo… the latter, of course, being... (Continue reading)

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