August, 2009


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A Bill in California Will Establish That Lawyers Cannot Be Trusted

Tweet What do you call 500 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?  A good start. Very funny stuff, right?  Unless, of course, you’re being sued… or you’re charged with a crime… or you’ve just been fired without cause… or... (Continue reading)

A Day in the Life: Four Homeowners

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Bernanke’s Fed: The Only Decent Thing to Do Is to Deceive Us

Tweet With all the positive news about the financial sector coming out left and right, Bloomberg News asked the Federal Reserve which banks participated in an “emergency lending program” and how much money they received.  The Federal Reserve gave Bloomberg... (Continue reading)

Another Victim of the Foreclosure Crisis

Tweet A man was injured on his job… then he was laid off… then his benefits ran out. He never was a day late on his mortgage payment to GMAC. Maybe that was the problem.  Maybe it was something else.... (Continue reading)

Cash-for-Clunker Kitchen Appliances?

Tweet That’s a real headline. What’s the deal Obama?  I don’t need this kind of charity.  If you’re intent on continuing this sort of thing, I’m going to start writing articles in support. Me: Okay, so how much for my... (Continue reading)

MY SWAN’S SONG: Testimony Before the United States Senate on the State of Foreclosures & Loan Modifications

I read her testimony throughout last night, until the sun started to rise outside my window. And when I finished, I sat there and I cried. It’s been a long road… and I pray that this document at... (Continue reading)

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The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance – Web 2.0 is Now Open for Business

The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance - Web 2.0 is Now Open for Business

Tweet Although I did not realize it at the time, my first exposure to Web 2.0 technologies came along with a discussion about the prevalence of pedophilia.  Our daughter was about eleven years old at the time, and she wanted... (Continue reading)

Bringing Up the Rear: ABA President Edward Yingling

Bringing Up the Rear: ABA President Edward Yingling

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CUOMO’S CROSSING – An Outsider’s Appraisal of the New HVCC Rules

Tweet estrace ointment estrace breast growth estrace thicken skin estrace magnesium effect estrace in internet drugs fedex china cheap rx no doctors  “What’s HVCC?”  I believe those were the exact words I used in response to being asked by the... (Continue reading)

Arizona Judge Orders Wells Fargo to Testify on Loan Modification Practices

Tweet When it comes to obtaining a loan modification, Wells Fargo’s reputation is a long way from being stellar.  In fact, they’re one of the worst, according to several attorneys who have had significant experience working with the bank on... (Continue reading)

SPOTLIGHT ON: Traut Law Group

SPOTLIGHT ON: Traut Law Group

Tweet I’v e gotten to know Traut Law Group, in Santa Ana, California, and I find the firm to be impressive in many ways.  Right off the bat, I like what they say prominently on their Website: “It’s your home,... (Continue reading)

Did Attorneys “TURN BAD” in 2009? What… Is There Something in the Water?

Tweet According to the August issue of the , as of late July 2009, the is officially investigating 391 complaints related to loan modifications against 140 attorneys, versus just nine investigations related to loan modifications in 2008. A shocking increase... (Continue reading)

Twas the Night Before Christmas-2008

Twas the Night Before Christmas-2008

Tweet amoxil purchase amoxicillin no prescription Twas the Night Before Christmas, 2008 Twas the night before Christmas 2008, And as I relaxed by the fire to contemplate, The remarkable year this past one had been, So I poured a nice... (Continue reading)

Pardon Me… Can We Talk?

Tweet Okay, so I just got back from vacation… and I’m feeling particularly impish.  So, I thought it might be a good time to bring up a couple of things that have been swirling around in my overly active and... (Continue reading)

Attorney Files Suit Alleges California Bar Violated American With Disabilities Act

Tweet Attorney Sean Rutledge, Managing Partner at United Law Group, has filed a lawsuit against Tim Byers and the California State Bar Association.  The complaint alleges that Byers, individually and in his role as prosecutor at the Chief Trial Counsel... (Continue reading)

Federal Reserve Recommends Consumers Contact an Attorney to Resolve Contract Disputes With Banks

Tweet The Federal Reserve, on its , says that although it does regulate banks, and will look into every complaint it receives from consumers regarding the banks it regulates, it does not have the authority to resolve every type of... (Continue reading)

First State Licensed Loan Mod Professional in the Country Goes to Work Today

First State Licensed Loan Mod Professional in the Country Goes to Work Today

Tweet For Mandy “Peacock” Wilson, its been a long time coming, but tomorrow, when she goes to work this morning at the company she founded in September 2008, Las Vegas based AAA Home Rescue, she’ll be making history.  Because as... (Continue reading)

Suits Filed Against Sleazy Servicers – Treasury Knew

Tweet AP News reported today that mortgage servicers, the same mortgage servicers that have received and continue to receive hundreds of millions in federal funds to modify mortgages as part of President Obama’s Making Home Affordable program, are engaging in... (Continue reading)

Mandelman’s Monthly Museletter – ISSUE #2.0

Tweet 1. Will the Real Scammers Please Stand Up? Charging advance fees for loan modifications… Telling homeowners to stop making payments because they must be in default to be eligible for a loan modification…. Starting foreclosure proceedings even while a... (Continue reading)

Obama’s Figured Out What’s Missing in Our Economy…

Tweet Jobs?  No.  Credit?  No.  An honest administration looking out for the best interests of the people? Of course not. What we’re apparently missing is the “spirit of innovation” and according to the president, we have to recapture it.  I... (Continue reading)

Feldman Law Center Goes Above and Beyond the Call…

Tweet I don’t write a story every time a law firm saves someone’s home from going into foreclosure.  Frankly, if I did, it’s all I’d ever have time to write about.  Once in a while, however, a firm does something... (Continue reading)

A Complaint By Any Other Name…

People are losing their homes. And they feel let down. Let down by their banks, let down by their government, let down by society. Many still blame them for having created the situation in which they now... (Continue reading)

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Cash for Clunkers-By Math Class Flunkers

Tweet The $1 billion Cash for Clunkers program was designed to offer people $3,500 – $4,500 for their old crummy cars when they traded them in on new, spiffier and allegedly more fuel efficient models… you know, the kind often... (Continue reading)

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