July, 2009

CNN.com Reports Receiving “Overwhelming Number” of Negative Reviews of Obama Housing Plan

Tweet June 28, 2009 CNNMoney.com reported today that they’ve received an overwhelming number of negative reviews from nearly 500 people who wrote in about their experiences trying to obtain a loan modification through Obama’s Making Home Affordable program. Here are... (Continue reading)

SPOTLIGHT ON: Mortgage Restructuring Solutions

Tweet Harvey Garte is the CEO of this Department of Real Estate regulated firm in Orange county, and I can tell you without reservation, he’ll tell you the truth and he’ll stand behind what he says.  There is no question... (Continue reading)

Ding Dong, Ding Dong… Bad Biz Finder’s Erin Baldwin Hit By Bucket of Water! The Flying Monkeys Are Free!

Tweet online canadian pharmacy store! buy dapoxetine in india . online drugstore, cheap . Breaking News: In a freak accident earlier this morning, Bad Biz Finder’s Erin Baldwin was doused by a large bucket of water.  A witness reported seeing... (Continue reading)

Support Obama’s Universal CarCare

Support Obama's Universal CarCare

Tweet Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States…... (Continue reading)


Tweet Neil Barofsky is the special inspector general for the Treasury’s Troubled Asset Relief Program.  According to his latest report, the total cost of the TARP bailout of the financial markets may reach $23.7 TRILLION, which represents roughly $77,000 for... (Continue reading)

So, It Wasn’t the Subprimers After All… What Do You Know About That?

So, It Wasn't the Subprimers After All... What Do You Know About That?

Tweet 1 day ago – you should not how to buy prednisone 5mg to exposure we can. severe online no prescription with a mastercard Originally posted on July 20, 2009, … and yes there’s a reason I’m telling you that.... (Continue reading)

The Crowd Laughed…

The Crowd Laughed...

Tweet U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner went to China this week to tell the Chinese that its dollar assets are safe. In his speech, Geithner renewed his pledge that the Obama administration would cut its huge fiscal deficits. He also... (Continue reading)

So, It Wasn’t the Subprimers After All… Go Figure.

So, It Wasn't the Subprimers After All... Go Figure.

Tweet Have you ever waited for a day to come? A special day. A day when all would begin to look right in the world once again. My first such day was April 10, 2000… the day the dot-com bubble... (Continue reading)

ISSUE #1.0 of Mandelman’s Monthly Museletter!

Tweet Mandelman’s Monthly Museletter medscape – pruritis, sedation, anxiety-specific dosing forvistaril (hydroxyzine), frequency-based adverse effects, comprehensive interactions, contraindications,… The Electronic Museletter That Won’t Slow You Down. zoloft 50 mg price in pakistan zoloft generic serdep Delivered to Subscribers’ Emails At... (Continue reading)

Attorneys Offering Loan Modification Services Find a Friend in NACBA

Tweet The Crisis Commission on Homeowner Representation Finds a Friend in the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys cheap zoloft zithromax purchase no prescriptions viagra online opiniones article more dapoxetine price in dubai cytotec online europe taking . I started the... (Continue reading)

Who Are We Punishing?

Who Are We Punishing?

Tweet prednisone 30 mg cost cheap prednisone 20mg uk first, take 2 small bowls, placed some hair shampoo on it , subsequently press the saw palmetto draw out from the soft gel, and drop it on  We finally let General... (Continue reading)

Obama’s New Federal Agency: The Comedy Board

Tweet Dateline: January 13, 2009 The Disassociated Press President-elect Barack Obama, in a press conference held earlier today at a Georgetown Comedy Club, announced the formation of a new federal agency that will officially operate under the name: The United... (Continue reading)

What Happened On Wall Street and Why

What Happened On Wall Street and Why

Tweet apr 2, 2009 – fluoxetine online to buy uk prozac verses wellbutrin online pharmacy prescription lamictal and prozac achat prozac en ligne Ever since the mid-1980s, untold millions of Americans have increasingly come to view the stock market as... (Continue reading)

Joe the Plumber Hired as Journalist

Joe the Plumber Hired as Journalist

Tweet WARNING: Okay, look. This article contains quite a few references to off-color language, and although NO significantly off-color language is actually used, it has the potential too offend those with delicate sensibilities to some degree. bilmek istediklerinizs?kca sorulanlarbuy letrozole... (Continue reading)

Income Inequality Gap Widens, Government Report Shows

Income Inequality Gap Widens, Government Report Shows

Tweet female quality between 2003 and in the setting of external genital … buy amoxil without prescription amoxil online A newly released economic impact study shows that in 2007, the income gap between the rich and the super rich has widened... (Continue reading)

Democrats Supporting a Bill Allowing NO DOWN PAYMENT on FHA Mortgages?

Tweet Democratic Representatives Al Green, Maxine Waters, Robert Wexler and nine others in Congress are backing a bill now that would restore a practice that was banned as of last October, called “seller assisted down payments”. They claim that we... (Continue reading)

Changing the Way the President Gets Elected and What it Means to Your Business

Changing the Way the President Gets Elected and What it Means to Your Business

Tweet A long, long time ago there were “Media Kings”. They had names like King Henry and King George. Sure, they also controlled armies and wealth, but as they were soon to discover, it was their control of the media... (Continue reading)

The Employer No Choice Act

Tweet zoloft online overnight zoloft prescription cost It looks like Christmas might come early this year for the AFL-CIO and all of the other labor unions in this country. In terms of holiday shopping, the Democrats went all out this... (Continue reading)

Confidence Lost

Tweet Some are calling it a “crisis of confidence”. Some say its a “liquidity crisis”. Or maybe it’s a “credit crisis”. Or a real estate crisis? A “mortgage meltdown”? A “market correction”? Or my personal favorite, “the worst economic crisis... (Continue reading)

It’s Been a Year Since I Lost My Friend to Suicide

It's Been a Year Since I Lost My Friend to Suicide

Tweet buy fluoxetine online, can you online uk, prozac online. 20 milligrams prozac every other day prozac cost can i buy fluoxetine over the 20 mg and obesity liquid no prescription prozac 10 mg reviews prozac liquid I was in... (Continue reading)

Business Owners Need to Face Strategic Truths of 2009 and Beyond

Tweet The next few years will be more than challenging for every business in the United States. Some will undoubtedly fail, some will struggle to survive, and still others will succeed and grow. Business owners and senior managers have strategic... (Continue reading)

I Say… Keep Guantanamo Open!

I Say... Keep Guantanamo Open!

Tweet purchase amoxil online amoxicillin without prescription walmart estrace 2 mg low price | buy medication without prescription from indian rand has had fungal generic 2 mg on due choices and contrast. The prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, was a... (Continue reading)

How Many Light Bulbs Does It Take To Change An Investor?

How Many Light Bulbs Does It Take To Change An Investor?

Tweet If you’re old enough to remember the 1980s, you’ve undoubtedly heard the conventional wisdom about retirement investing from one financial advisor or another. Here’s how it goes: Invest in stocks through quality mutual funds, diversify properly relative to your... (Continue reading)

Bad Biz Finder’s Erin Baldwin is Awe Inspiring…

Tweet I’ve been employing people for one reason or another since the mid-1980s.  I’ve hired several hundred people in my career.  I’ve also enjoyed a twenty-year career working with lots of other companies all over the world, so I’ve been... (Continue reading)

How Would You Feel If You Were Losing Your Home… And You Couldn’t Hire an Attorney to Help You Save It?

Tweet I know the foreclosure crisis isn’t affecting everyone.  In fact, although it is a huge problem, it’s really only directly affecting maybe 10-12% of the population. But I’m curious about something… What if it was you at risk of... (Continue reading)

Matt Padilla… Again? Matt, Matt, Matt…

Tweet Matt Padilla of the Orange County Register has done it yet again… reported a story about loan modifications without having the foggiest idea what’s actually going on. I don’t know about everyone else, but it’s getting annoying, as far... (Continue reading)

Mandelman vs. Matt Padilla of the Orange County Register

Tweet There’s a guy named Matt Padilla who writes a column for the Orange County Register. He calls himself “The Mortgage Insider,” and I’m not even going to comment on someone who deems himself an “insider”. Anyway, I’ve tried to... (Continue reading)

July’s Niche Report: Cover Story by Mandelman on HVCC

July's Niche Report: Cover Story by Mandelman on HVCC

Tweet The July issue of The Niche Report is in mailboxes across the country and the cover story was written by me once again. It’s on HVCC, the Home Valuation Code of Conduct, which is a new set of rules... (Continue reading)

Excuse Me… Secretary Geithner? Secretary Donovan? With All Due Respect…

Tweet Hi guys… thanks for coming… don’t worry… this won’t take long. Have a seat while I chat with the grown ups… Grown ups… hello. Apparently, Treasury Secretary Geithner and HUD Secretary Donovan have penned a letter to 25 mortgage... (Continue reading)

Lucas Law Center Reports Saving 500 Homes Before FTC Files Injunction to Temporarily Close Firm

Tweet you can buy your atarax only for $0.5 right now! take advantage of this premium offer! click this link http://snurl.com/28ahuqk/green.php?free=atarax… buy prednisone overnight delivery buy prednisone using paypal order deltasone prednisone 40 mg pills where to get no prescription... (Continue reading)

July’s Issue of The Niche Report… Bringing Up the Rear: FDIC Chair Sheila Bair

Tweet In case you don’t already know, I wrote the cover story for the May issue of The Niche Report magazine, titled “Pigs, Puppets & People in Peril – The Administration’s Curious Case Against Loan Modification Firms”.  And it was... (Continue reading)

Economy Watch: State of California Says Attorneys Stealing Smaller Sums

Tweet It wasn’t that long ago when you couldn’t get a practicing attorney to even consider stealing anything under seven figures from a client.  And the Ivy League law school grads wouldn’t be caught dead ripping off anything under eight... (Continue reading)

Gov. Schwarzenegger Move Will Deprive Homeowners of Legal Representation When Negotiating Loan Modifications

Tweet California Senate Bill 94, originally intended to protect distressed homeowners by preventing non-attorneys from charging upfront fees for helping homeowners obtain loan modifications, has been expanded to prevent attorneys from accepting a retainer in advance when representing a client... (Continue reading)

The 2nd American Revolution Has Begun

Tweet It is not a question of whether you agree with every statement made in this video. It is not a question of which statements you disagree with… it is a question of which statements you AGREE with. It is... (Continue reading)


Tweet IS THIS WHAT I’M TO UNDERSTAND? jan 6, 2015 – bestellen – web results :: where can i order baclofen # welcome to our online pharmacy. you can sep 17, 2007 – most recently, i was taking a moderate... (Continue reading)

A Gangster Government: Is that what we’ve come to?

Tweet It’s not very often that we see a congressional representative call it like it is these days.  So, when I watched this video of Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) asking questions about how our government is operating, it caused me... (Continue reading)

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